If you get stuck in the brimstone, hit the spacebar

Hell is a low-budget video game from 1996.

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It's a diet miracle! ...I think.

I assume the plan consists of soaking all your food in the bizarre swirly mustard/poison concoction in the gravy boat. "That's disgusting. I'm not eating that shit!" There! You cut a lot of calories!

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My Bitchin' Pecs Will Teach You To Code

I feel bad for every unfortunate 80s student who had to buy this for a programming course. "No, it's a textbook! Really! Jesus, I hate my professor."

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That's as crazy as her patients!

I can believe ghosts physically manifesting from psychological unrest. Interdimensional space travel, sure. But a woman doctor!? Ridiculous!

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...but none of it is anything you'd want to read

Wow, this book looks incredibly exciting! I can't wait to...ZzzzzZZZzzz

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From the author of Spectral Sparrows

Terror in the pasture! SEE animals with tiny little bites on them! THRILL to the amazing hero weasel armed with his wee wooden stakes! BEWARE...no small-to-medium size vermin is safe from...VAMPIRE VOLES!

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Take off, Nazi scum!

This rare treasure of a novel tells the rip-roaring story of the McKenzie brothers and their loyal dog Hosehead fighting the Nazis, who apparently took that "Great White North" thing a bit too literally.

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But that middle-aged white guy says I'm cool!

This guy certainly looks like an expert on being awesome. Look at those stylin' clothes his young disciples are wearing! I would definitely let him give me awesomeness tips. I wouldn't pay him, though.

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The American Publisher's Stockpile of Descriptors

My favorite thing about Harlequin books is that the titles are so great you're never tempted to actually read the crap inside because it'd just be a big letdown.

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He's #1

With a name like "P-1", I'm sure it was absolutely hellish.

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A Punderful Fantasy World

If there isn't at least one "horse's ass" joke in this, I'm going to be very disappointed.

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Follow That Stench!

Meat: it's like dog food for men! This was published by the American Can Company, which I'm sure is a fair and impartial source of info on the wonders of canned meat.

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Happy Friday the 13th Part II!

Pfft. That's not scary. Every house in Maine has a doll like this in it. You get used to it pretty quick.

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Hosin' Around

"Why, what a lovely and unusual quilt you've made, Muriel. I've never seen one quite like it. What's that fabric?"

"Used pantyhose!"

"...You know, I just forgot, I need to sort all my Franklin Mint plates. I'd better get going."

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Not so fluffy now, is it?

This is Mr. Wibbles. He is a 5-time grand champion Persian cat, and his hobbies include loafing on the sunny spot on the floor and chasing the ball with the bell in it. Do not piss him off.

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I bent my Wookie.

Chewie must have really pissed off Han Solo for him to want to shoot him in the back. Maybe he just snapped after finding 5 pounds of hair on the couch one too many times.

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I hope it has brakes, too.

I love this cover just for the fact that the dragon has a steering wheel.

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You had me at "Yee-haw."

He was charmed by her when she treated his moonshine poisoning. He knew it was true love when she fixed the injuries from the jug band disaster without flinching. Not many women would be willing to pry spoons out of a man's eye, but she was special. She was...the HOOTENANNY NURSE.

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Spoiler alert!

The shocking twist ending: the real villain was those puffy shorts all along. Imagine how much evil you could hide in them!

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You can tell by the wine glass, the plastic flowers, and the crown roast of droopy wieners that this hot dog cookbook is classy as hell.

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Welcome to the fine Museum of Bad Book Covers. Pull up a pleather chair and settle down in front of the mahogany-contact-paper bookshelves. There's treasure everywhere.

This seems like it'd be pretty easy, but hey, I'm not the captain...

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