Ophelia's back...

...and this time, it's retarded!

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Decorating Tips From Ed Gein

I'm trying not to post a lot of comic book covers here, since finding old comics with ridiculous covers is like shooting a barrel that doesn't even have fish in it, but once in a while something amazing like this pops up. Yes, nothing worrisome about Little Susie's hobby here. Whatever you do, don't look in the fridge!

(Via Stupid Comics, where you can find plenty of hilariously bad comic art.)

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No Sir, I Don't Like Getting Blown Up

Finally, something everyone can use. (I wouldn't be surprised if someone's written an alternate-history epic involving copious amounts of horse bombs.)

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It's okay to loathe leprechauns, though.

I love the disgusted facial expression on those kids. They now loathe leprechauns, exercise, and reading. Thanks a heap, "Magic" O'Grady.

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This ain't your grandma's needlepoint! This is MANLY!

Just when I thought celebrity cookbooks couldn't be topped...

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Sick of these motherfu...oh, forget it.

Tapping into the vast and lucrative market of "people who like to do puzzle games and pretend they're being menaced by snakes while they solve them."

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You have chosen...poorly.

Jack Vance is an important writer of early science fiction. His work inspired the entire magic system of Dungeons & Dragons. And yet, now all I'll ever remember him for is this, which I assume involves battling a bunch of insufferable Wankhers.

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Interstellar travel: less fun than previously indicated

This looks thrilling. I can't wait to get to the part where he files for a small business loan...in space! (Original title: Cousin Blobby and Ming The Merciless Go To The Goddamn Bank.)

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I'm onto you!

Admit it, Turtledove. You wrote this just so you could commission a painting of a Nazi riding a unicorn.

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"What did you say about my manties!?"

Maybe they'd be a little less deadly if you wore pants, Thongbad the Mighty.

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Dinner of the Damned

If meat companies wanted to promote their products so badly in the 50s, why did they give out all these books that make meat-eaters look like total psychos? Nobody gets that excited over a roast unless there's something very wrong with them.

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Healing broken hearts with wacky wave action

Nurses go on an awful lot of thrilling, sexy adventures in Romance Novel World. I'm pretty sure it's a trick played by the nursing industry to recruit the unsuspecting. You never see "Bedpan Duty Nurse" or "Love Among the Gangrene Cleanup Crew".

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Get confident, stupid!

I know, I know. It's not a joke. This is a real book. I'm sure it works wonders.

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There's no easy way to break it to them

"Well, if we're so dead, how are we standing here pestering you, smartass? Yeah, that's what I thought."

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Luke, the barn!

They look awfully cheerful for people in danger. Maybe they don't realize they're driving off a cliff.

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Hepped up on goofballs

A gritty, realistic tale of the horrors of addiction. "Consider THIS an intervention, you dizzy broad!"

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A steaming Pyle

The horrifying truth: they could have designed us a much nicer looking book cover, but our pride in being crazy assholes to everyone is more important than such worldly concerns.

I really have to wonder what the F stands for. Nah, I think I know...

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A classic

It's my birthday, and that means it's time to reflect and realize an important lesson this book imparts: it could always be worse. Thanks, scary pretend Aunt Jemima!

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They're setting D-Con human traps!

I'm not going to lie. I love this cover and would display it proudly in my home if I owned it.

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Beware of counterfeits

Hmm. Splintery, flammable, vague foresty scent...yep, I think I've got a piece of wood here, and I owe it all to this invaluable guide.

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Baby's First Coprophagia

...no thanks.

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Something's wrong in Vermont!

The Quaintsville covered bridge holds the horrible secret to what's been drinking all the syrup and shredding everyone's matching sweaters!

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So scary it blows.

One of my favorite cover subjects is horror books about completely un-scary things. Grrr! Those curtains'll teach you to call them ugly and claim they clash with the wallpaper!

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Other hand colors aren't as scary

The shadowy figure skulked out of the darkness, and an unearthly chill went through the room. Lady Ebonyheart Ravensblood turned around in shock, dropping her cursed amulet on the floor. Her face twisted into a grimace of disgust. "Steve, take those stupid red mittens off. I don't care how cold it is. You're seriously ruining the atmosphere here."

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Just more to caress your codpiece with

I think I may have found the greatest romance novel of all time. Why? Count the princess's hands.

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Just what I always wanted.

*crunch* Ow! Who put these goddamn rhinestones in the spaghetti!?

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It came from behind the shed

This is what happens when you leave plywood unattended for too long. It takes on other forms.

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That makes me a MAD panda

Of course that panda's pissed off, you shipped him to Canada just so you could shoot him in your own backyard! You're both evil and lazy, Gord.

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On breaking it to your kids that their dad is totally lame

"Well, Jenny, it's because it's used for...uhm...internet...something. You know what, I don't know either, and it's probably boring anyway. Just don't touch it, because that large heavy thing that I don't know the purpose of is expensive as hell."

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Striking a careful balance

"A million Fausts? Nah, not quite enough. A billion? Hmm, I don't want anyone thinking I'm wussing out here. A HUNDRED TRILLION? ...no, that's just silly."

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Oh, I'm sure it's a LOT more.

Warlock Lord Abraxxas Sexington carefully prepared for his dark magic ritual, making sure all the reagents were in place. Mandrake root, check. Basilisk eyes, check. Store brand cologne and Hawaiian Tropic man-chest oil, check and mate.

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A million beautiful possibilities

How about throw it in the ocean?

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A little mascara oughta fix that faulty heart valve

Sure, she's killed several patients due to gross incompetence. But she's so pretty!

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I just want to start a fire in your butt

This sounds more like a Chiller Channel Original Movie than an erotic novel. He lurks in the shadows outside the University For Totally Hot Chicks Who Study, Like, Science and Stuff. Just when they think it's safe to sit down, the THONGBURNER strikes!

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Billy Cattington always suspected he was different

Shhh. Don't tell him...he's adopted.

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If you get stuck in the brimstone, hit the spacebar

Hell is a low-budget video game from 1996.

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It's a diet miracle! ...I think.

I assume the plan consists of soaking all your food in the bizarre swirly mustard/poison concoction in the gravy boat. "That's disgusting. I'm not eating that shit!" There! You cut a lot of calories!

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My Bitchin' Pecs Will Teach You To Code

I feel bad for every unfortunate 80s student who had to buy this for a programming course. "No, it's a textbook! Really! Jesus, I hate my professor."

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That's as crazy as her patients!

I can believe ghosts physically manifesting from psychological unrest. Interdimensional space travel, sure. But a woman doctor!? Ridiculous!

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...but none of it is anything you'd want to read

Wow, this book looks incredibly exciting! I can't wait to...ZzzzzZZZzzz

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From the author of Spectral Sparrows

Terror in the pasture! SEE animals with tiny little bites on them! THRILL to the amazing hero weasel armed with his wee wooden stakes! BEWARE...no small-to-medium size vermin is safe from...VAMPIRE VOLES!

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Take off, Nazi scum!

This rare treasure of a novel tells the rip-roaring story of the McKenzie brothers and their loyal dog Hosehead fighting the Nazis, who apparently took that "Great White North" thing a bit too literally.

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But that middle-aged white guy says I'm cool!

This guy certainly looks like an expert on being awesome. Look at those stylin' clothes his young disciples are wearing! I would definitely let him give me awesomeness tips. I wouldn't pay him, though.

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The American Publisher's Stockpile of Descriptors

My favorite thing about Harlequin books is that the titles are so great you're never tempted to actually read the crap inside because it'd just be a big letdown.

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He's #1

With a name like "P-1", I'm sure it was absolutely hellish.

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A Punderful Fantasy World

If there isn't at least one "horse's ass" joke in this, I'm going to be very disappointed.

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Follow That Stench!

Meat: it's like dog food for men! This was published by the American Can Company, which I'm sure is a fair and impartial source of info on the wonders of canned meat.

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Happy Friday the 13th Part II!

Pfft. That's not scary. Every house in Maine has a doll like this in it. You get used to it pretty quick.

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Hosin' Around

"Why, what a lovely and unusual quilt you've made, Muriel. I've never seen one quite like it. What's that fabric?"

"Used pantyhose!"

"...You know, I just forgot, I need to sort all my Franklin Mint plates. I'd better get going."

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Not so fluffy now, is it?

This is Mr. Wibbles. He is a 5-time grand champion Persian cat, and his hobbies include loafing on the sunny spot on the floor and chasing the ball with the bell in it. Do not piss him off.

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