No Sir, I Don't Like Getting Blown Up

Finally, something everyone can use. (I wouldn't be surprised if someone's written an alternate-history epic involving copious amounts of horse bombs.)

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It's okay to loathe leprechauns, though.

I love the disgusted facial expression on those kids. They now loathe leprechauns, exercise, and reading. Thanks a heap, "Magic" O'Grady.

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This ain't your grandma's needlepoint! This is MANLY!

Just when I thought celebrity cookbooks couldn't be topped...

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Sick of these motherfu...oh, forget it.

Tapping into the vast and lucrative market of "people who like to do puzzle games and pretend they're being menaced by snakes while they solve them."

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You have chosen...poorly.

Jack Vance is an important writer of early science fiction. His work inspired the entire magic system of Dungeons & Dragons. And yet, now all I'll ever remember him for is this, which I assume involves battling a bunch of insufferable Wankhers.

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